These ladies have it. Determination is key. Their dedicated practice is masked by effortless twists of bodies around silk ropes. A type of Art that takes time and commitment to morph your body. Sure, anyone can sit on a hoop in the air. But to hoist yourself up there and perform
// I stand in full body shivers Muscles too tired to tense up and warm How many layers today,  4? Should have worn more Feet frozen solid I look down to see if my hands are still grasping the camera With slow breath I lift the camera to the tripod and fasten the plate
An hour drive East of Seattle takes you further into the beautiful woods of Washington where you'll find classic A-frame cabins dotted along snowy pathways. Skykomish River runs parallel to the winding road. Glimpses of the frozen river peek through gaps of evergreens; riv
Built in 1932, the Sixth Street Viaduct stretches almost 3,500 feet across the Los Angeles River and has become a hotspot for photographers catching views of the skyline. Linking the Arts District downtown with Boyle Heights, the bridge is set to close for renovations on Janu
We wanted to start a fire. But where? Looking around the backyard, it seemed too obvious - we had to do the shoot here. We went on a walk around the block to borrow oak leaves from the neighbors. One brown bag's worth later we brought back our gatherings to be burned. To keep
Handcrafted jewelry inspired by the travels of Emily Dawn. The production behind the Shore Reflection music video was a local Los Angeles collaboration shot along Venice Beach. Dylan Perlot directed and produced the filmography while CLEAN {Asthetic} and Denim By Orlee provid