A non-profit English Speaking Theatre Company with roots in Nepal
Newspaper article by the Kathmandu Post about The Little School Play. In frame, Jenae Lien, Eva Victoria Leiva Partnoy and Alicia Partnoy

Featured Photographer with Feeny’s Photo

“When viewing Jenae’s portfolio, you will witness a variety of different scenes each with their own characters and originality; a body of work meticulously crafted, but spontaneously explored.  Jenae’s photos convey a sense of nostalgia, even if the viewer is unfamiliar with that place in time. The unfamiliarity of street photography is what makes capturing that perfect moment, person, or place memorable.”

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Featured Artist in the 2019 L.A Art Show with Feeny’s Photo

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DIY Photo Shoot How-To: Long on Talent, Short on Space, Time and Budget

Joe: Our photographer, Jenae Lien (@jenaelien) is someone we met through a friend and we felt so lucky to find her.  She is very busy, traveling and working, but we found time to do this shoot before she left town for three months to scout locations. 

Roger: The really great thing about her is that she comes into the shoot only to document what is going on which makes it really easy to work with her.  She is eager to understand the concept and to catch it through our eyes. She doesn’t have an alternative agenda other than achieving our agenda.  She detaches from her esthetic. 

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