The city of Tokyo in the summertime is packed. With people, with movement, and with sound of cicadas. We arrived on the 24th of July and spent 1 week around the Tokyo area before venturing South. I knew it was going to be hot, but I was marveled at how lush the city was. Greenery sprouted in every corner. Yes, it was raining for most of our stay. And yes, the temperatures soared over 90F. But the plants also thrived. In every crack and corner, you could find nature conquering concrete. Japanese people let nature grow. It made me wonder, is this because in the winter, all the plants die and fall back? Or do the Japanese people have a more profound understanding about Nature and its power? Big yellow spiders happily made their webs, untouched, along railings and corners of subways. Undisturbed, and not in harms way.
Sometimes things must be left to be. We may think we understand the ways of a culture and a land, but we would be doing that place a great disservice. There is no way we could fully understand what it means to be in a place unless you are there to witness it for yourself.