// Perhaps we're still evolving ever growing, ever changing. Be it body or the mind, we may come from the same kind. Do you see what I see? Little monkey, sit with me. // Sacred are these monkeys to the Balinese Hindu religion. Located in Ubud, a growing to
Visual substance helps create a story. Photography has the ability of pulling feeling and emotions from the viewer. How someone grasps a photo depends on what that person knows, and what they have witnessed in life. Photos are, after all, memories. So then, what is video? Vid
The city of Tokyo in the summertime is packed. With people, with movement, and with sound of cicadas. We arrived on the 24th of July and spent 1 week around the Tokyo area before venturing South. I knew it was going to be hot, but I was marveled at how lush the city was. Greenery
Sitting quietly along the ports of San Francisco lies an abandoned factory, covered with soot and refurbished by art. Two towers stand proudly about 10 stories high with a bridge connecting the towers at the top. A few years ago, the Port Commission of San Francisco gathered
A call to all lovers of art, the CLEAN {aesthetic} show was a huge success over the weekend. Featuring local artists from the Playa Del Rey area, their 2nd beach art party drew in a hip crowd. Support from other local businesses helped make this event even better. Del Rey
Pints were pours, cheers were made and beers flowed steadily throughout the day under a hot, hot sun in Hawthorne, California. King Harbor Brewing Company was established in 2014 and they are dedicated to bringing quality flavors to make a special brew. They say "Great
Pigeons can get a bad rep for carrying disease and leaving tons of paint-like poop. They have been able to adapt and flourish in our ever growing cities. A couple days ago, I took a walk around the Lagoona at Playa Del Rey. Noticing the huge swarm of pigeons along the water,
The ability to create another human seems like a magical miracle. Changes happen so quickly to the body that the mother merely accepts. And hopes. Larger grows the womb, larger grows the child. Even greater grows the anticipation of seeing who this person will be.
Over the weekend, a group of about 30 people gathered together at a parking lot in Santa Monica to meet for a trip out to Joshua Tree. This gathering marked an anniversary for the people we went with. A Giant Rock tradition.