Slow, methodical movements. As if hearing the sound of time, one beat at a time. Steel heels scrape against the solid ground, adding traces to the worn pathway. Each hour, during business hours, guards exchange duties along the entrance. Martyr's Shrine in Taipei, Taiw
Held in a secluded section of Whittier Narrows Park, Holi Festival was a successful event over the weekend, full of vibrancy in colors and energy. At each hour, the crowd would draw closer to the stage. A countdown initiated the tossing of colors - A short, vivid burst of
// Perhaps we're still evolving ever growing, ever changing. Be it body or the mind, we may come from the same kind. Do you see what I see? Little monkey, sit with me. // Sacred are these monkeys to the Balinese Hindu religion. Located in Ubud, a growing to