Slow, methodical movements. As if hearing the sound of time, one beat at a time. Steel heels scrape against the solid ground, adding traces to the worn pathway. Each hour, during business hours, guards exchange duties along the entrance. Martyr's Shrine in Taipei, Taiw
// Perhaps we're still evolving ever growing, ever changing. Be it body or the mind, we may come from the same kind. Do you see what I see? Little monkey, sit with me. // Sacred are these monkeys to the Balinese Hindu religion. Located in Ubud, a growing to
Visual substance helps create a story. Photography has the ability of pulling feeling and emotions from the viewer. How someone grasps a photo depends on what that person knows, and what they have witnessed in life. Photos are, after all, memories. So then, what is video? Vid
A call to all lovers of art, the CLEAN {aesthetic} show was a huge success over the weekend. Featuring local artists from the Playa Del Rey area, their 2nd beach art party drew in a hip crowd. Support from other local businesses helped make this event even better. Del Rey
Pints were pours, cheers were made and beers flowed steadily throughout the day under a hot, hot sun in Hawthorne, California. King Harbor Brewing Company was established in 2014 and they are dedicated to bringing quality flavors to make a special brew. They say "Great